Men’s Face Wash Lime, 100ml



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The Perfect Face Wash for Men with Dry and Combination Skin: Our Custom Formulation Includes Allantoin, a Hard-Working Natural Ingredients that Locks in the Humidity and Helps Reverse Dry Skin.

Uplifting and Energising: With a Medium Scent of Citrus, this Face Wash is Perfect for Morning Use

Natural and Organic: Whenever Possible, we Work with Organic Certified Producers, Especially when it Comes to Essential Oils.

Keep the Wrinkles Away: The Blackcurrant Essential Oil, Amongst Other Ingredients, has Proven Anti-Ageing Effects on the Skin.

Annihilate Acne: We’ve included Castile Soap in this product, which is known for its acne fighting properties.

Is this Natural Face Wash For You?

Our Lime Face Wash is made for men with sensitive and dry skin. But its use is not restricted to users with this type of complexion, combination and oily skins can also derive some benefit from this product.

We make sure to keep irritating agents from our ingredient list and whenever possible use organic certified oils and gels.

All our products are paraben free and are tested only in men.

How to use:

Use this face wash as you would soap. Splash your face with lukewarm water, apply a generous amount into the palms of your hands and rub into your facial skin. Rinse off with warm water and you’re to go!

Here’s a secret: Even though it is designed for facial use, we sometimes cheekily use it to clean other body parts too.

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