Lavender & Aloe Vera After Shave Skin Repair Gel, 100ml


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Out of stock


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Taking care of your skin doesn’t need to a hassle or an embarrassment. With our Lavender Skin Repair Gel, your face will recover from shaving burns, dry patches, and any imperfections with the speed of light, whilst at the same time leaving you refreshed and smelling like a gentleman.

Stop being the guy with terrible skin and start taking advantage of your full potential!

Main attributes:

– POST-SHAVE RELIEF: Ideal as a post-shave solution for delicate skins.

– ALOE YOUR SKIN TO HEAL: With a strong presence of Aloe Vera, our skin repair gel is also useful in healing skin damage caused by the sun and other skin conditions.

– ABSORBING GEL: This product comes in the form of a gel that is easily and quickly absorb by the skin

– REFRESH YOUR MOURNING ROUTINE: The product is extremely refreshing and is ideal to bring your energy levels up in the morning.

– NATURAL AND PARABEN-FREE: We don’t test on animals, we don’t use paraben and most of our products are natural.

Directions for Use:

Massage into skin and allow to sink in. Suitable for both the body and the face.

Ideal For:

– Dry Skin

– Post-shave

– Eczema



Scent Strenght: Medium to Strong


How long will it take to ship?

UK + PT: We aim to deliver within 3 working days

Rest of Europe: Up to 6 working days.


How big is the bottle?

It’s about 14cm tall and 3cm wide, so relatively small.

Can I travel with it?

Yes, each bottle has slightly under 100ml.

What are your return and refund policy?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee and refund all faulty products.

Can I use it after shaving?

Yes, it can be used as an aftershave or as a daily moisturiser.