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Our Mission: Clean, Better, Bold

Simple, Natural Skin Care for Men

FOLS is a  natural skincare and lifestyle brand made by men for men.

It started with a simple premise: Men need better, natural skin care products that clean well, are tailored for our skin, and is bold enough for any man. 

FOLS strives to produce quality natural products and an affordable price. We stand behind our customers and our product. 

- Adam

Owner, FOLS for Men

Clean, Better, Bold

Why Natural Ingredients

Natural ingredients are gentler on the skin and soothe and repair irritated skin.  Chemical ingredients can cause irritations and breakouts.  With natural products, you know what you are using is safe.  Not only can chemicals disrupt your skin, but these chemicals can enter your bloodstream after being absorbed, causing further havoc on your body.  Natural products are eco-friendly as there is no problem washing them into our waterways.  You deserve Clean, Better, Bold.  Choose natural.

Fast Shipping

Fast shipping across the in the UK and US

High Quality Products

Cruelty and paraben free atural products

10 Day Return Policy

If you are not entirely satisfied after 10 days you can return for a full refund.

Customer Service

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