Natural Skincare For Men

FOLS makes skincare products, such as moisturisers, face wash, repair gels, and body wash, that are specifically engineered for men.

We do this using natural products. Cruelty and Paraben free. Tested only on the manliest on men and made in the UK + Portugal.

The brand started after the founders felt frustrated about the lack of good, natural skincare products targeted at men. Even though males have skin cancer at almost twice the rate as females, the industry seems to largely ignore us due to outdated taboos about skincare.

There is also a general lack of education in regards to skin health. Our blog aims to change that.

Our mission is to change that and luckily, we have found hundreds of costumers willing to embark on this journey with us.

How do our products differ?

Our products differ from traditional skincare lines in 4 aspects: Scents, Active Ingredients, Packaging, and Communication.

Having tried hundreds of products ourselves, we’ve identified the consistency and ingredient required for maximum protection, hydration, and care for male skin. We’ve added our favourite scents, plus a few popular requests and combined them into our products. Finally, we’ve decided to break from the norm of assuming that every client is already knowledgeable in the science of skincare and have invested significantly in producing educational content in our blog and newsletters.

About Our Male Skincare and Grooming Line

We currently stock the following products:

  • Men’s Cedarwood Moisturiser: Our anti-ageing moisturiser includes neroli and a host of natural essential oils such as blackcurrant oil. It is meant for daily use and can also be used as an alcohol-free post shave solution, to soothe irritated skin.
  • Men’s Lime Face Wash: Our face wash cleans deep into the pores, leaving your face spotless. If you live in an urban environment, we strongly recommend using a product such as this one, as it will keep you looking young in the long run by assuring that no harmful dust penetrates your skin.
  • Men’s Aloe Vera and Lavender Post Shave Skin Repair Gel: By popular request, we’ve developed an aloe vera gel based product to serve as a first aid for irritated skin. This gel can be used to treat normal burns, razor burns, and provides a great cooling effect.